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Sarah Taylor Art

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Stunning animal paintings, colourful highland cow wall art, pet portraits and inspired wildlife prints by renowned artist Sarah Taylor. Known for her bold, contemporary and colourful animal artwork that enhances spaces and guarantees happiness. Sarah explains more: “This is what inspires me every day, the chance to provide the finishing touch to your room, or to make you smile when you see your new favourite painting. Art is all about connection. When you fall in love with a painting, it will make you happy every time you see it. My modern animal paintings offer my customers the chance to express their own style, find artwork that matches their personality, and brings joy to their space. Every day, I find inspiration in the opportunity to add the finishing touch to a room or bring a smile to someone’s face with a new favourite animal painting. My aim is to imbue my animal paintings with a sense of freedom, adventure, and energy. The trick lies in making the artwork feel effortless and free-flowing while maintaining a life-like, accurate representation – whether thats dog drawings with a portrait of a beloved cocker spaniel, a colourful highland cow painting or showcasing the personalities of wildlife friends. Whether I’m painting a leopard or another subject, I take the time to build up layers and ensure the animals are worth every penny. Underneath the splashes and patterns is the framework of a real living thing. I’m particularly obsessed with painting the eyes—it’s where we connect. The eyes are the window to the soul, and through them, I bring the subject to life. This connection is what makes my lovely customers fall in love with my art. I spend hours gazing into their eyes, perfecting their character and getting to know them. Eye-catching and unique, the details in my colourful animal framed prints and dog portraits bring them to life. Splashes and blows are my disruptors; they mix things up and can change the flow of a painting in seconds. I love letting go of control, blowing the paint, and then reacting to what’s happened. A blast of colour adds vibrancy, and adventurous colour choices make the painting jump off the wall. Geometric wizardry, all painted by hand, evolves with the animal artwork. Special geometric shapes often bring the painting together. Intrinsic energy is key; being a modern animal artist is about finding your own style and immersing yourself in the artwork. You have to be fully in the moment to allow the energy to flow and your instincts to take over. My contemporary animal wall art comes from a desire to experiment, a need to create. I make modern colourful art for the home that invites repeated viewings, offering something new each time. Painting animals that feel like your best friend, someone who gets you, brings joy. When you make eye contact with my animal paintings and wall art canvas, you smile. In essence, I create art that makes you smile.

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